Destination Vancouver!

So the next adventure begins. Destination Vancouver is well on its ways. The scenario: two welsh male Adonis’s, one English maiden and a native who’s wisdom is set to guide us across one of the largest countries in the world; armed only with a minivan filled full of life’s nonessentials.


Our regimented organizational skills have meant we already caused a ruckus at the car rental, delayed our departure by 5 hours and indulged in a number of small disputes set to disband us. But we have endured, kissed, hugged and set off on what is surely going to be one of life’s great adventures.
The first night will be spent in the lovely Emily’s parents, who’s generous hospitality will be heart get after this crazy day.

Things I’ve learnt today. Plan ahead, well duh! Always know that everything will work out for the best. Beer helps calm the soul. Climbing on a roof rack makes you look country. Good friends don’t take things to heart. Apparently Canada has a country wide no bare feet rule, that’s news to me.

Goodbye for now Toronto. You shall be missed.

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