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Looking to get in touch? Great! I love reading other peoples adventures as much as my own. I’m happy to help you quit the job, build the courage, hit the road, plan your next trip, calm your fears, and answer any questions.

However, e-mail gets so out of control sometimes that I first must ask you to read following guidelines before sending me a message. While I hate to restrict our conversation and the help I can offer, the more time I’m sitting on gmail, the less time I’m capturing amazing travel photography and travel videos along with information to help you travel cheaper, safer, better, and longer!

Sorry to be blunt, but I get A LOT of spam mail:

  • I love helping with itineraries but planning them is personal preference. My advice is avoid doubling back, move in one direction and keep it simple as possible! For what places to go and thing to see, only you can answer that.
  • If you work in PR, don’t send me press releases or put me on your mailing list. If you do you’ll be black listed.
  • I’m not a travel agency and emails asking me to book your trip will be deleted.
  • I do not accept guest posts and inquiries will be deleted.
  • I don’t do sponsored posts, text links, or other advertising. All inquires will be deleted.
  • Please don’t send me review copies of your book.
  • Please keep all emails to two paragraphs or less.

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